Find out how we built a Banking System on mobile (Digital)

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I — Presentation

i. What are we trying to build?

We are trying to develop a Mobile Application for “Alamana agents” so that they can conduct their daily activities with a single click anytime and anywhere.

ii. Importance of building this system?

  • Simplify, optimize and automate the processes to get the most out of performance
  • Reactivity in the face of change reinforced thanks to digitized and easily modifiable processes
  • New corporate culture based on collaboration and information sharing
  • Optimized agent and customer experience thanks to agent Journey Mapping and the definition
  • Ecological benefits : result in eliminating paperwork

I I— Team and Roles

  • In this project, we were Testers, developers…

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0- Introduction

The world we live in is becoming more and more complex. Information technologies are generating a big mass of data like never before.
The problem is no longer to acquire this mass but to exploit it. To do this, we must collect quality information, standardize it, classify it, aggregate it, analyze it, exploit it, and make the right decision in the right moments.
For this purpose, it is necessary to set up a Business Intelligence system.

I- Project Scope

In the context of international business competition and sustained growth in Moroccan traffic port, this project was launched.

As part of the gradual implementation…

Find out how we built a System to Transfer Data and Communicate with other applications over web services.

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I- Definitions


Microcredit consists of providing short-term loans to people with very low incomes, who do not have access to the services offered by traditional financial institutions, to help them start their activities or develop their businesses.

II- Specifications

  • Send data over web services from “Alamana” to Central Database to BI system
  • Send the Data over a defined frequency for every module.
  • Send multiple modules from a different department.

III- Solution

  • Web application with Java (Spring Framework) in Back End and Angular in Front End.
  • Project management with Scrum framework.
  • The application will be hosted internally by Tomcat and Node
  • The system will use an intermediate…

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