Find out how we built a Banking System on mobile (Digital)

I — Presentation

i. What are we trying to build?

We are trying to develop a Mobile Application for “Alamana agents” so that they can conduct their daily activities with a single click anytime and anywhere.

ii. Importance of building this system?

  • Simplify, optimize and automate the processes to get the most out of performance

Find out how we built a System to Transfer Data and Communicate with other applications over web services.

I- Definitions


Microcredit consists of providing short-term loans to people with very low incomes, who do not have access to the services offered by traditional financial institutions, to help them start their activities or develop their businesses.

II- Specifications

  • Send data over web services from “Alamana” to Central Database to BI system
  • Send the…

ismail talhaoui

I Solve Problems, Find solutions with web applications

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