Digitization of Banking agent path (Digital Transformation)

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I — Presentation

i. What are we trying to build?

ii. Importance of building this system?

  • Simplify, optimize and automate the processes to get the most out of performance
  • Reactivity in the face of change reinforced thanks to digitized and easily modifiable processes
  • New corporate culture based on collaboration and information sharing
  • Optimized agent and customer experience thanks to agent Journey Mapping and the definition
  • Ecological benefits : result in eliminating paperwork

I I— Team and Roles

  • In this project, we were Testers, developers, project Director and Information System Director from “Alamana” and External Developers from another Company .

i. Developers

  • Back-End Developers to realize the Back-end tasks with “COBOL”,and to communicate with the Internal Information System “Evolan” which is Sopra Banking product, Java For making API and create web services to make the communication between front and Internal System Possible, and PHP to personalize the API uses and Make it relevant to the Front-End need.
  • Front-End Developers : to make the mobile application, working with ionic framework which is a JavaScript to make cross platform applications .

ii. Testers

iii. Scrum Master

iv. Architecture and Manager

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III — Project Management

IV — Deployment

  • Manual Deployment
  • Automatic Deployment

V — My Role

V I— Result

  • Based on the number of agents who uses the application we got +1500 new client in First two months with only 4 agents which give +10% compare to two the same months last year.
  • In the first year the Expected results annually is +15% new clients and plus 20% new contracts.




I Solve Problems, Find solutions with web applications

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ismail talhaoui

ismail talhaoui

I Solve Problems, Find solutions with web applications

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